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For years, well-meaning people have believed the best thing government can do to help families is to launch a new government program. And Congress has done just that. Launched new programs. But, somewhere along the way, an odd thing happened. Or, then again, maybe it is not odd at all. Many of those programs backfired.

The best way for government to help families is by simply reducing the burdens on families. Like cutting taxes. Taxes cost families more than food, clothing or shelter.

Corporate Subsidies
Elected officials simply need to have the courage to say no to special interests who lobby for corporate subsidies. That’s why I voted against reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank which guarantees loans to corporations involved in international trade — sometimes even foreign state-owned corporations.

Free Markets and Prosperity
America is by far the most prosperous nation in history. And the key to our success rests on the bedrock of the market economy. Like no one else in the world Americans believe in free enterprise. And it’s paid off.

The Right to Life
I support the Right to Life.

The Right to Bear Arms
I believe in the right to keep and bear arms. The 2nd Amendment is written in plain English.

National Defense
In a world where state-sponsored terrorism exists, it’s hard to see how any reasonable man can argue against a strong military.

We have been fighting terrorism for the last 17 years. ISIS still remains a threat, which is why I believe we should let the military do what they need to do in order to defeat them.

Missile Defense
With states like North Korea, Iran, and Russia actively bolstering their ballistic and nuclear missile programs, the United States can’t stand idly by without a proper missile defense shield.

Russian Interference in the 2016 Election
As a former federal prosecutor, I know first hand how important it is to have all the facts laying out on the table before making a decision. Once we know the truth about what happened, then it will be time to make a decision about the best thing to do in order to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Term Limits
I support a constitutional amendment to implement term limits.

Faith & Religious Freedom
The freedom to pray and worship God is an essential part of the moral fiber of our nation. Americans understand religious freedom extends to different faiths, but the Founding Fathers never intended freedom of religion to become government opposition to religion.

Federal Spending
You don’t have to be an economist to understand that Congress cannot go on borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars each year – not with our national debt. And you don’t have to be a Political Science Professor to understand both Democrats and Republicans are responsible. Congress has borrowed and spent until we’re now sitting on a fiscal time bomb. What it takes to make spending cuts is simple: Political Courage. And we need leaders who have that kind of courage.

The Constitution
I believe The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they wrote the Constitution and I believe the Lord blessed their work. To secure our liberties they divided the powers of the federal government between Congress and the President and the Courts. Then, in addition, they split the powers of government a second time between the national and state governments.

Today the federal government’s gotten so big there’s hardly a thing Washington wants to do that it can’t do. A good part of American history is the story of the growth of the federal government. But that hasn’t always been good and today it’s clear we need a check on the federal government’s power more than ever.

Obamacare was supposed to reduce the cost of healthcare. But it didn’t. In North Carolina, Obamacare premiums increased an average of 19.3% in 2018, after increasing 40% in 2017. Today, 95 out of 100 counties only have only one health insurer offering plans in the marketplace. Fixing healthcare is a necessity. And the goal is straightforward: To lower costs. And to be sure families – people with pre-existing conditions is an example – can get the healthcare they need.

I support workfare, not welfare – requiring able bodied people to work for their welfare benefits. Workfare helps get people off the welfare treadmill. And helps them build better lives.

Tax Reform
I voted for tax cuts for two simple reasons: Tax cuts create jobs, and put more money in working people’s pockets. Because of the tax cuts, people living paycheck-to-paycheck now have more money in their pockets every month. The average family in the Second District will see their taxes cut by roughly $2,250. And, after we cut taxes, companies all over the country began announcing plans to expand, create new jobs, give bonuses and raise workers’ pay. Companies in North Carolina like Charlotte Pipe and Foundry and The Hammock Source in Greenville gave their employees bonuses, due to tax cuts.